Industrial and Commercial Equipment Inspections

Do you need a trusted and experienced professional to inspect that critical component or witness an important test?

We offer independent and objective 3rd party inspections for insurance claims or where an independent analysis is required. Use our services to extend your quality assurance requirements wherever you need it - in the supplier shop or in the field. We can inspect your equipment at your supplier’s site to ensure it meets your requirements, before it ships.

We can do a one-time inspection or provide ongoing product quality verification for your long term requirements.

Our detailed reports (complete with digital photographs) enable you to make an informed decision.

All inspections include:

  • Verification of materials
  • Review welder's certifications
  • Review weld procedures
  • Verify the calibration status of all measurement equipment
  • Review Inspection & Test Plans
  • Ensure fabrication is according to plan and drawing specifications
  • Orientation and dimensional checks
  • Follow up on non-conformances to ensure complete resolution to all problems
  • Ensure that Non-Destructive Testing of welds is carried out in accordance with specifications and drawing requirements
  • Witness all key performance tests
  • Review of all quality records
  • Paint inspection
  • Packaging inspection
  • Fully documented reporting

We perform both Mechanical and Electrical equipment inspections.

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