Health & Safety Inspections

A well planned Health & Safety inspection program helps to detect unsafe conditions and hazards before an incident occurs. Inspections can also detect non-compliances with applicable regulations.

When correctly performed, routine inspections serve to support and improve other elements of the program components. They should not be seen as an isolated or one-time activity. To be effective, they must be performed regularly and be an integral part of a systematic accident prevention program.

We can be an external resource to give you a detailed report on the status of your workplace or construction site. You will have the independent report you need to take action.

You will be provided with a prompt and detailed report, complete with photographs of all areas of concern. All workplace risks identified come with a severity rating and recommended corrective actions.

We’ll help instil the mindset in your staff to never walk past an unsafe act.

If injuries do occur, we can assist you with your Accident Investigation

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